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Portable Air Conditioning: Pros and Cons

7 Tips to Ensure That Portable Air Conditioning Units Work at Top Efficiency

Some of the residents in Calgary find relief from the scorching summer sun from their handy portable air conditioning units. Some of your friends might even think that your dining room is a sauna rather than a cool and relaxing place where they can dine and have a good time. Although central AC systems generate more power, thus provide more coolness, a portable AC is heaven-sent to residents who do not have the money to pay for central air conditioning. Portable air conditioning units are convenient and cost-effective, but are they as effective as they claim to be? Please Note: Furnace Repair Calgary does not sell or repair portable air conditioners. However, we feel that it is important for you to know all of your options.


One of the main reasons some Calgary residents opt for a portable AC instead of the usual window type AC is because of the obvious absence of windows, or the ones they have are not your typical choice. A lot of apartments nowadays comes with tall windows, the crank open types, and there are the radical ones.After considering that any standard window AC will not fit in the chosen window or don’t want to block the entire view,ensure that you buy the right portable design. There are two tubes that usually come out of the back of many portable ACs out in the market. Those two tubes cycle the air in and out. They can be left free standing or laid flat and can fit in an upright window to also ward off the air coming from outside. Bear in mind this tip before making that purchase.


A window AC condenses water from its rear;a portable AC does not have that feature since it is left sitting on the floor of your living room, or by your bedroom. These AC models have tanks that handle the collecting of water, and quite resembling a full dehumidifier;this tank shuts down the AC. You might be caught off guard to discover that your pre-programmed AC shut down hours ago after coming home from a hot and humid day at work. It did so because its tank is full. So you have two options, you find it shut down or continuously empty its tank after half an hour. The best solution is to buy an exterior water tank that offers more storage for the oversupply of water and still keep your unit running.


If there is any pronounced flaw that you’ll ever find from portable AC units is that they are not that efficient than the other AC models out in the market. You cannot expect for a highly efficient equipment since its tubes that cycle the air travel a long way to get to where it wants to be. But you can maneuver past this deterrence. Buy a bigger unit depending on its BTU and with due consideration of the size of your room. You can make some adjustments to ensure that your portable AC will increase its efficiency. However, if you do not have sufficient power, you are fighting a losing battle.


To give your portable AC the chance to maximize its efficiency, it is of extreme significance to read the accompanying manual and be familiar with the various controls, and settings identified. For example, a lot of portable ACs have an option for a fan including an automatic setting. You might also be lucky with other models and find one with a built-in dehumidifier mode. During much cooler days where you can forego the use of the AC, just turn the fan on to ensure some savings on energy bills. If you also notice that an AC starts to build up moisture in a small room, choose the dehumidifier setting until the level of the air barometer is back to a comfortable level. A lot of the newly-released portable AC are multi-tasking equipment. You do yourself a great disservice if you do not make the most of its full-line of features.


It is also significant to take note of all the other functions your portable unit is capable of providing. For example, if you have a programmable unit, you can be assured of big savings on your energy bills. Also, you’ll come home to a comfortable house since it is set to turn on automatically around 40 minutes before your arrival from work. It can also turn off on its own an hour after sleeping. Other relevant and useful features are the capacities to oscillate the fans inside and efficiently disperse the cool air inside the room. For some portable AC models, there’s also a heater function that comes in handy and acts as a heater during those out of season yet cold summer nights.


It may be your AC’s duty to perform as it claims to be, you can ensure that it is in tiptop shape by voluntarily doing its needed maintenance. You can start with cleaning and changing the unit’s air filter to ensure that air can flow freely. This measure will also lighten the burden on the unit. Depending on the make and model of your unit, a portable AC usually comes with a washable air filter or replaceable ones. Always remember that the vented tube must be pointed to the outside, or to its alternative route.Check that the hoses are also in good condition. You are also required to drain the accumulated condensed water and wipe the exterior all the way down. Spraying its interior with compressed air is the icing on the cake and tops everything off. At last, store the unit properly by the end of each season for an assurance that the next summer will be free of worries when it comes to your home’s cooling needs.


In cases where your apartment has very large windows, your portable AC is placed in a way where its vent tubes won’t impede the blinds or your window’s drapes from being closed when necessary. Put some curtains or thick blankets to ensure that the cool temperature is maintained in the room rather than expose your entire window and allow some heat to enter the room and put undue stress on your AC. This trick is especially beneficial if the sun is scorching hot outside and the heat is unbearable. Portable air conditioning units can work effectively but it does require some effort from the Calgary homeowner. It does give you another option to central air conditioning. If you are interested in learning if central air conditioning is right for you, contact Furnace Repair Calgary at (587) 316-1869.

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